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Christ Foundation Orphanage Home is a vision-driven by a passion to help the Orphans, Widows and Less privileged. It was Founded on 18th June 2004 by the Visioneer Madam Patricia Mabel Agho.


While in the UK, she was supporting the NGOs, Churches, and Missionaries going to Countries in crisis all over the world. Gradually, she found herself extending her kind gesture and expressing joy to establish an Orphanage Home.
In the year 2003, she came to Nigeria to register the organisation under CAC which was named Christ Foundation Orphanage Home as directed by God. Till date, the home is standing strong by the grace of God and those God is using to help the Orphans, Widows and Les Privilege ones.

Our Mission

According to Isaiah 61 :1-11.
To build homes for the Orphans/Widows and the less privilege ones where God will be their focus.
To give them hope and future for a better living

Our Vision

To leave behind an incredible mark on the soil of time through provision of humanitarian service to all mankind and geniue love of God.


Providing complete refuge to other vulnerable children and basic education.

We Need Your Support Today!

Our Mission
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